AIM confronts anti-school-choice candidate with mobile billboard

May 24, 2024

By Accuracy in Media Staff

Accuracy in Media President Adam Guillette decided to pay a visit to the home of Texas State Rep. Gary VanDeaver in New Boston, Texas.

VanDeaver is a staunch opponent to school choice and has continuously blocks any progress of its development in Texas.

Texas, a solid red state, has less school choice than the bastions of liberal ideology, New York and California.

Perhaps politicians including VanDeaver oppose school choice measures because they’re taxpayer funded lobbyists for the teachers unions.

Voter Valerie Brown has expressed that she’s voting for VanDeaver’s opponent, Chris Spencer, in the Republican primary runoff, because of his “voting record” which includes multiple instances of voting “no” on measures that would allocate public funding to school vouchers. Brown indicated that she wanted “money to follow the children” rather than the school.

Guillette then shared the findings of AIM’s hidden camera investigations into K-12 public education throughout the Lone Star State.

This only affirmed Brown’s sentiments. She stated “There’s no reason that they should be blowing the money that is supposed to be going to the education of our children on something like that.”

Public education is the biggest employer in the rural districts that have been blocking school choice, so it’s no wonder these politicians seek to keep money in their pockets.



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