DEI or die: Yale’s molecular biology hiring hinges on ideological commitment

May 28, 2024

By Tim Worstall

If you’d like to be a molecular biologist at Yale, you’d better brush up on DEI.

This is not the idea that molecular biology might differ across races, ethnicities, or due to equality, rather, this is an ideological litmus test that anyone hoping to get hired – as a scientist – must pass.

As John Sailor points out: 

When making hires at Yale’s department of molecular biophysics and biochemistry, faculty are told to place “DEI at the center of every decision,”

 This isn’t, as we can imagine, the way to hire good scientists. It’s the way to enforce an ideology.

DEI is, of course, diversity, equity and inclusion. These are not things that really have much relevance to the study of molecular biology – the differences across groups of humans aren’t at that level at all. 

But this is built into hiring practices. The score sheet is here.

If you do not have a strong commitment – backed up with observable action – to the current ideology then you’ll not get a job at this Ivy League college. Even in a research lab you won’t. 

It’s not just that DEI is a bad ideology – which it is – it’s that there should be no such ideological tests for getting hired by a college. We want the finest molecular biologists to be doing the molecular biology, obviously. Not just those who bow down before whatever the current set of fashionable thinking is. That is, this would be a bad idea even if the test wre not adherence to a bad ideology but a good one.

We can also go that one step further. Decades back it was pointed out that diversity really means people with different thoughts, different ideas and different views. One of the reasons college has become so bad today is that no one bothers to think anymore – they’re not allowed to; they’ve all got to sign up to the approved ideology, don’t they?


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