Denying deaths, rapes and God: How antisemitic influencers are misinforming the masses

May 28, 2024

By Accuracy in Media Staff

Impressionable teenagers are looking for their values in all the wrong places. This is not new — but with the rising power of influencers and celebrities on Instagram and TikTok, getting the wrong answers to some of life’s biggest questions is easier than ever.

These influencers have enlightened the public with the “truth” about the holy war between Israel and Hamas, thereby saving the world from the war’s serious geopolitical consequences. 

Jackson Hinkle has grown his following since October 7 by pushing bad old-fashioned antisemitism on the masses, going so far as to directly equate Israel with ISIS in one X post. In another, he made numerous claims vastly downplaying the damages of the October 7 attack, including halving the death toll of “nearly 2,000” that he cited. Even with more recent tallies putting that number around 1,200, Hinkle’s death toll of 900 was originally a big lie compared to almost 2,000. It remains a significant lie.

 “Israel has lied about EVERYTHING while committing a grotesque genocide! Share the TRUTH!,” he wrote at the bottom of the post, purporting to cite an investigation from Haaretz. The Israeli newspaper swiftly and roundly denied Hinkle’s claims, but his post still spread like wildfire, boasting 5.3 million views, 96,000 likes and 53,000 reposts at the time of this piece’s publication.

While Hinkle denied the deaths of Israelis, another influencer denied that they were raped during the October 7 attack. Sarah Magdy – who’s worked for the BBC – asserted there’s no evidence that Hamas raped women, adding that “someone is lying” about the rapes that even the U.N. more recently said there are “reasonable grounds” to believe they occurred. The U.N. also found there are reasonable grounds to believe that hostages may continue to suffer conflict-related sexual violence. 

But like Magdy, her commenters thought they knew better, with one commenter proclaiming that Magdy’s TikTok “has forever changed me. New Zealander 🇳🇿 standing for Palestine 🇵🇸.” Another commenter said that Israel and the U.S. are committing a “[g]enocide,” while still another called on Hamas to take “as many hostages as possible.” 

It’s no wonder the anti-Israel crowd fancies itself on the right side of history when influencers like Simi & Haze align themselves with God Himself.

The liberation of Palestine “is a call for more faith in God than ever,” they wrote in an Instagram post, “because those who are the most FREE are deep enough in their spiritual path to take an uncompromising position on something.”

What God do Simi & Haze have faith in? The Christian and Jewish Gods are decidedly against their cause, and these sisters don’t have faith in Allah. Far from being “the most FREE,” these influencers are enslaved to the social validation they receive from repeating the popular lies of the woke religion to share with their 1.7 million followers at time of publication. Instagram users responded to the aforementioned post by performing the rites of wokeism. Users offered hundreds of “likes” on antisemitic comments including “From the river to the sea 🇵🇸” and “[F]ree [P]alestine from the apartheid state!!!” 

If you don’t call it a sin, call antisemitism a moral wrong that no influential person worth his salt would condone, let alone encourage. As the prophet Isaiah wrote in his book in both the Christian and Hebrew Bibles, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”



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