WATCH: At Harvard Commencement, antisemitism persists

June 3, 2024

By Accuracy in Media Staff

Accuracy in Media paid another visit to Harvard at a commencement ceremony plagued by pro-Palestine activists. The truck parked along a busy road, where graduates waving Palestinian flags and adorning Keffiyehs filed into the ceremony. 

One man passing by called what was likely law enforcement, telling them he thinks “he saw some fentanyl in [the truck].” This ludicrous false allegation was merely another attempt shut down the display. 

A female student lingering nearby claimed that she was Jewish and that some of the antisemites displayed on the truck were her friends. She continued stating that because they were her friends that they couldn’t be antisemites. As she finished speaking, one man interjected alleging that notorious Nazi Adolf Eichmann was friends with Jews and that “it’s how he tricked them into going to concentration camps. So antisemites are friends with Jews.”

Others shouted “Shame on You!” while passing by, and one man claimed that the presence of the truck was “an attempt at intimidation” and that “it’s the people in power saying that if you stand up for what’s right, we’re going to shut you down.” AIM is only trying to amplify the voices of the proudly antisemitic students, and encourage them to let their vitriol be heard so future employers and friends can know exactly what these students believe.

However, the Jewish protestors on the other side of the street shared their experiences on Harvard’s campus. A female student indicated that the reason they decided to counter-protest was to “support any graduate who would feel alone, singled out, or maligned today.” 

One student stated that she experienced being followed through the Palestine encampment that took up residence, reminding us that they’re not as “inclusive” or “peaceful” as they claimed. She revealed that there were several events where deans spoke inappropriately regarding Israel, causing Jewish families to walk out mid event. 

Accuracy in Media, and its president, Adam Guillette, will continue to expose the antisemitism running rampant on Ivy League campuses. Our goal is to make sure everyone knows who the leading antisemites are at these school, so Jewish students and others who may not support Hamas feel safe where they learn.

Join us in our Antisemitism Accountability Project – visit now to take action.


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