Northwestern’s ‘liberators’ AWOL: AIM exposes hypocrisy at pro-Hamas camp

June 6, 2024

By Accuracy in Media Staff

Accuracy in Media has taken its Antisemitism Accountability Project to the pro-Hamas encampment at Northwestern University.

Last month, Northwestern President Michael Schill caved to several of the encampment organizers’ demands.

AIM President Adam Guillette entered the encampment, where it was sorely lacking its passionate “liberators.” Junk was strewn about the camp including improperly stored propane tanks and poorly written cardboard signs with ethnic cleansing statements.

Guillette continued exploring the seemingly abandoned camp, noting that one sign called the encampment the “Free Gaza Liberation Zone,” however, funnily enough, they have no interest in freeing Gazans from Hamas. 

After a few minutes of wandering the camp, one student told Guillette that “Reporters aren’t allowed,” to which Guillette noted that he didn’t see a sign that said that.

He then asked, “Where did all the liberators go?”

The student then shockingly invoked school policy claiming that AIM was “violating Northwestern University Campus policy.” 

Guillette wasn’t concerned, because Schill has proven he will cede to whatever demands violators give him.

Join us in our push to end antisemitism at Northwestern – and for Schill to resign. Visit to take action now.


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