AIM demands accountability for antisemitic teacher in Pennsylvania

June 12, 2024

By Accuracy in Media Staff

Central Bucks West High School Spanish teacher Youssef Abdelwahab is about to be exposed for the antisemitic beliefs he shares with his students.

Accuracy in Media has decided to send a mobile billboard to the school, located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, to display his hateful comments for everyone to see.

Abdelwahab, who also sponsors the Central Bucks West Muslim Student Association, operates a business selling “A-rags,” sheisties, and Arab scarves. One most notably called the “Intifada Sheisty” and the “Intifada Crushed Velvet A-rag.”

Posts on the business’s Facebook page claim that “Gazan children are being actively starved/killed by Israel & the U.S.” and that “Zionism=Nazism.”

Complaints were raised that Abdelwahab’s Instagram handle was written on the whiteboard for students to see, and pictures that included students in them were posted on the social media page.

In light of Abdelwahab’s actions, parents showed up to a school board meeting to express their concerns. One parent, according to an article from a local paper, alleged that Abdelwahab violated school policy multiple times in his social media posts, including statements justifying the Hamas terrorist attacks on October 7, and promoting the suicide of Aaron Bushnell. In February, Bushnell lit himself on fire outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. as “an extreme act of protest.”

“We have seen repeated failings from school administrators across the country to hold antisemites accountable on college campuses,” said AIM President Adam Guillette. “This teacher’s actions unquestionably play a role in how we have gotten to this point. Parents did raise their concerns about Abdelwahab and were met with indifference. This leaves parents with few options to avoid subjecting their children to teachers who do not hesitate to advance their own beliefs and propagandize children.”

When a teacher’s radical support of a terrorist group leeches its way into classrooms, the teacher and district must be held responsible for allowing such hatred to percolate. This is why Accuracy in Media will continue to expose antisemites for what they are…supporters of the eradication of the only Jewish state in the world.



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