Watch: Here’s what Rutgers students are willing to believe about Hamas

June 17, 2024

By Accuracy In Media

Accuracy in Media has again conducted a shocking social experiment, to expose the ignorance and blatant antisemitism on college campuses.

This time, students at Rutgers University in New Jersey signed a thank you card addressed to Hamas, the terrorist organization that killed 1,200 Israelis on October 7.

Students smiled as the card holder, flanked by a gay pride flag and a Palestinian flag, asked them to sign the card for the “freedom fighters.”

In an effort to entice more signatures and test the factual knowledge of students’ beliefs about Hamas’ ideology, we told students that the terrorist group was “75% gay” and that “men are just afraid to admit Hamas is gay.”

One student proudly signed, stating, “F*** Israel.” Another said her favorite thing about Hamas was that they are “helping their country.”

However, several students were rightly shocked by the request to sign the card. A student riding by on a bicycle questioned our card holder asking if the card was for or against Hamas. After hearing it was pro-Hamas the student was hesitant, and did not want to sign the card citing the October 7 attacks and the rape and murder of women and children. 

Another male student declined stating in regards to Hamas, “They’re terrorists.”

One female student was so bewildered she guessed rightly that this was a joke and they were being filmed. 

“I do not trust you,” she said. “I think you’re lying. I would not be surprised if you’re filming.”

At the end of the day the card was full of well-wishes for the members of Hamas. This is a frightening reality Jewish students face on campuses across America. Because school officials will not hold these antisemitic students accountable, AIM will.

“That student was the only person who fully saw through what we were doing at Rutgers,” AIM President Adam Guillette said. “Fortunately, we did get some pushback for the card. But that still leaves far too many people who sincerely signed a thank you card for a terrorist organization.”


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