AIM sends mobile billboard to expose Columbia student arrested at pro-Hamas protest

June 26, 2024

By Accuracy in Media Staff

Isabella Giusti,  a student at Columbia University, was arrested at a pro-Hamas protest at her university. Giusti was released with several other students without charges being filed — so since the justice system will not hold her accountable, Accuracy in Media will.

With a mobile billboard parked in front of her parents’ mansion in Savannah, Georgia, AIM’s Adam Guillette wanted to ask Giusti’s parents how their daughter became a raging antisemite. A woman exiting the Giusti residence immediately retreated inside at the sight of Guillette with a microphone.

The billboard, which displayed a widely publicized picture of the student, was praised by many individuals in the neighborhood. 

One woman applauded AIM’s efforts, saying, “Chaos is running amok and nobody is doing anything about it.” and stated in regards to her children that she “wouldn’t send them to one of these elitist universities that indoctrinate our kids.” The woman then continued expressing that her family members who fought in Korea and Vietnam “did not die and serve their country for such stupidity.”

Another mom was shocked at the behavior of the pro-Hamas students, saying that her kids “don’t have that much hate.” and then brought up an interesting question: “Who’s funding them? They’re students, all their tents seem to match. Are they really poor students?”

The answer to that can be seen in Giusti who comes from a wealthy, prominent family, much like many others who attend Columbia. The mom then went on to say, “They only care… because it’s on trend, it’s the thing to do. And take off the mask, because the Jewish people who are looking to hire people, they want to see your face.”

When students run rampant through universities proudly displaying their antisemitism, and school officials won’t hold them accountable, we will. The Manhattan DA’s office won’t hold these antisemites accountable, but AIM, with your combined efforts, can.


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