Watch AIM confront an antisemitic New York City high school teacher

As a part of Accuracy in Media’s campaign against antisemitism, President Adam Guillette paid public school teacher Mohammad Jehad Ahmad a visit to ask him some questions.

Ahmad is a teacher at Gotham Tech High School in the Queens borough of New York City, whose social media went viral for all the wrong reasons.

 Following the terrorist attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, that killed 1200 Israelis and left many more traumatized and injured, Ahamd referred to the attack as a “successful military campaign” and that the perpetrators were “freedom fighters.”

Other tweets were gathered by Canary Mission, showing more antisemitic remarks and graphics.

The mobile billboard that accompanied Guilette was placed across the street from Ahmad’s residence, which sparked Ahamad to approach, clearly enraged, and unwilling to answer simple questions like “If you hate Jews so much why do you live in New York?”

The New York metro area holds a staggering 25% of the United States Jewish population, with several sects of Judaism calling its streets home.

For someone like Ahmad with such strong public hatred for Jews and their homeland, it seemed like a valid question to ask.

While still refusing questions, Ahmad seemed to note that we were against filming his child that someone had been holding nearby, a decision made out of respect for Ahmad’s family rather than any legal obligation. In response, he grabbed the child and approached the cameraman and Guilette, seemingly using the toddler as a “human shield” claiming that AIM could no longer film.