WATCH: Seattle teacher believes Hamas ‘justified’ in October 7 terrorist attack

Accuracy in Media has taken the Antisemitism Accountability Project to the west coast, exposing the pro-Hamas Seattle teacher Ian Golash.

Golash, who teaches at a public high school, has been caught making posters promoting ethnic cleansing and has made highly antisemitic social media posts, which his students have seen.

These posts denied the occurrence of the October 7 terrorist attack that killed 1,200 Israelis. AIM President Adam Guillette was able to speak directly with both Golash and his students.

One student said, “I don’t know how he [Golash] hasn’t been fired yet.”

Even more shockingly, we learned from the student that Golash himself had brought his entire class outside to view the billboard. 

Then we heard what Golash himself had to say to us, which left us stunned.

Guillette asked the teacher, who was surrounded by his students, whether he believed that the murder of the women at a music festival was justified.

“Yes,” Golash responded.

After further inquiry, Golash seemed to realize the severity of his answer and backtracked, saying that he thinks that “resistance against Israel is justified.” This is a common tactic amongst pro-Hamas radicals when confronted with the atrocities Hamas committed in Israel.

Guillette then posed another hypothetical, asking the teacher first if America was an oppressor state, to which Golash said, “Yes.” A follow-up question then asked whether it would be justified to go into an American music festival and murder people, to which Golash was evasive in answering.

Pulling no punches, Guillette then inquired about Golash’s past record of assault and criminal harassment. 

“Did you say ‘all cops are bastards’ before or after your arrests?” 

“Since day one,” the teacher stated.

“Is every cop a bastard?” Guillette countered.

Golash confirmed with a casual “Yup.”

Because Golash had dragged his students outside to see the spectacle, we were able to get some of their perspectives on their own teacher.

When one student learned about his teacher’s arrest record, he said that “it didn’t surprise [him] at all.”, and another stated that Golash was “a troubled individual.”

After all this, the district refused to hold the radical teacher accountable, so AIM took a short drive to their headquarters in search of answers.

Unsurprisingly, they ushered Guillette and our camera off the site.

AIM then ventured to Golash’s neighborhood, where neighbors expressed their distaste for the antisemitism that’s been occurring in the U.S. since the conflict began.

AIM has decided to hold these radicals accountable for their beliefs, and hope to combat the rabid antisemitism that has been plaguing U.S. education since October 7.