Media prop up SPLC list to rip ‘far-right’ group

June 21, 2023

By Tim Worstall

Moms for Liberty is, as we’re told, a far-right group. This must be true because that famously unbiased American press and media are telling us this. Like at the Daily Dot, headlined, “Dirty Delete: Moms group weaponizes parental rage to push its far-right agenda.”

Do you see the way this goes? Parents are upset, and it’s the far-right that capitalizes on this? Instead of the more accurate description of Moms for Liberty being the parents who are upset?   

“Moms for Liberty channeled anger about COVID-19 restrictions to become a right-wing political juggernaut,” according to the article. “The far-right group was founded in late 2020 by current and former school board members in Florida who were pissed off about masks and vaccines for kids.”

There’s a trick here: Anyone opposing the standard woke and progressive views gets described as “far-right.” How could anyone who doesn’t subscribe to woke and progressive views be anything other than far-right? In the minds of those progressives, this is definitional. Those who oppose the plans are, by definition, evil, and “far-right” is that very definition. 

This led to the Southern Poverty Law Center naming Moms for Liberty as a hate organization just recently. Because they’re not woke, they must be a hate group, right? This then allows media like Daily Dot to call Moms for Liberty far-right, because the SPLC said so.   

We’ve pointed this out before about the SPLC. Anyone who doesn’t sign up for the SPLC’s ideas gets described as a hate group, as part of that “far-right.” They even do it to medical groups. The basic calculation is not woke = hater.

This is convenient to the progressive media, of course. There’s this well-known and accepted group, that SPLC, allowing them to call everyone they disagree with a hate group, which is the very function of the SPLC itself. It’s a fount, generator, of propagandistic names.

Moms for Liberty may be correct, and they may be wrong. That’s for each of us to decide for ourselves. But they undoubtedly are a group unhappy with how the woke and progressives are taking education. So, the woke and progressive will call them a far-right hate group simply because the SPLC is already set up as the generator of that sort of propaganda.  


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