Teen Vogue fearmongers about pro-life violence to push own agenda

July 20, 2023

By Accuracy in Media Staff

In a new article, Teen Vogue uses anecdotes about abortion activism to scare its adolescent audience into fearing violent retaliation from a misogynistic right for daring to advocate any of their preferred causes.

With Teen Vogue’s stated goal to “educate the influencers of tomorrow,” the magazine exploits its readers’ sympathy for victims and trust in democracy to manipulate their views on major issues.

Teen Vogue weaponizes its hip brand of female empowerment to impress woke orthodoxies on its trusting readers. The outlet preys on these girls’ trust, knowing their parents and other authority figures don’t read it.

“Abortion Activists Are Targets of Violent, Gendered Threats After Overturn of Roe,” the article’s headline reads. “The threats almost always come from men,” the subhead says.

But somehow, the misogynistic men of the right disproportionately account for these threats. Even more disproportionately, the threats come from “the same people who stormed the Capitol on January 6 to try and overthrow the government,” according to a source in the article. 

Those bloodthirsty insurrectionists are still at it, this time making threats as “a tactic to keep women from participating in the public sphere and political life,” the author explains. “ … Women at times respond [to online attacks centered on appearance or sexuality] by self-censoring, which is often the exact goal of those who harass them.” 

That’s also the exact goal of cancel culture, a brainchild of the unforgiving left and anathema to the forgiving right. Conservatives self-censor to avoid cancellation; liberals cancel to punish dissent.

Deep down, Teen Vogue knows that. Why else would it call its readers to stop climate change, save transgender people, and take up countless other left-wing causes under ostensible threats of violence from the right? Because it knows its publisher, Condé Nast, and other institutional arbiters of acceptable thought are on its side.

On the other hand, its audience does not know that and is thus duped into believing that activists for abortion and any other leftist cause will always be the true victims. 

Resistance of all kinds “takes a deep psychological toll” on liberal activists, Teen Vogue says. “And when policymakers continue to introduce and pass legislation that actively works against them, they might be tempted to give up. The end of Roe could affect more than reproductive care. It could affect women’s civic engagement writ large.”


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