Vice stirs up pro-Palestine victimhood to stoke political tensions

December 19, 2023

By Accuracy in Media Staff

In a recent piece, Vice fabricates widespread pro-Palestinian victimhood to raise the political temperature and attempt to justify protecting pro-Palestinian views at all costs. The outlet exploits its young audience’s eagerness to take action in an already highly divided and violent clash over the Israel-Palestine war.

Without ever being corrected, readers can easily extend their unrighteous, violent anger toward Israel to the conservatives in all arenas they think are punishing them.

“… [R]egular people like you and I might … be dealing with a very real backlash” to pro-Palestinian positions, Vice warns at the beginning of the piece. It interviews four relatable people who have courageously championed the rights of the oppressed and suffered accordingly.

One such person is an influencer and content creator.

“When I see people being wronged, I speak out,” she explains. “Always have, always will. Injustice is something that can make me very angry.”

She has doubtlessly defended conservatives against their relegation to second-class citizenship.

“What’s happening is inhumane and people want to make it more complicated than it actually is,” she continues. “There are double standards. So I keep sharing images to help people see the truth. I sometimes get negative reactions, but it’s often the same people who DM me or comment on my posts with an Israeli flag.” 

Ah, yes, someone siding with Hamas terrorism assures you that what’s happening to their side is “inhumane.” And the moral clarity it takes to denounce Hamas as antisemitic terrorists is making the war “more complicated than it actually is.” 

“There are double standards,” she laments in a sympathetic, establishment article featuring a glamorous photo of herself, while AIM President Adam Guillette’s home has been repeatedly swatted in assassination attempts.

Nevertheless, this person vows to bravely persist in posting to social media with the same spineless conformity it took to post a black square to Instagram at the height of Black Lives Matter hysteria.

These days, supporting Israel is racist, another interviewee says, claiming a “double standard” in the West backing Ukraine but supposedly being “less vocal” about the “suffering” of Muslim minorities.

That same interviewee and another also reckon with the fact that they condone Hamas terrorists who would probably kill them in Gaza for their “queer” sexualities.

Maybe they wouldn’t hold such a self-defeating view if they recognized, as the influencer says, that “Western media [don’t] show reality.” She’s right, just not in the way she thinks she is.

Western media have portrayed Trump supporters as a militia of extremist antisemitic terrorists more than they have ever represented Hamas as such.



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