Despite constant renaming, DEI is still creating the same problems AIM has repeatedly uncovered

February 29, 2024

By Tim Worstall

A rose by any other name smells as sweet – and a dunghill still attracts flies, whatever we call it. This is the thing to keep in mind as we see DEI – diversity, equality and inclusion renamed. No, it is not given the rose treatment; it belongs to the other type of renaming.

DEI is, as it should be, getting a terrible name for itself at present. Harvard’s problems stem from it, as we all know. Not just the problems they’ve had with the management of the place but with vast amounts of the so-called research done there. That’s why so many states and college systems are insisting no more DEI. It’s a bad idea; stop doing it with taxpayer money.

But we also have our own investigations into what has been happening in high schools around the country. As our intrepid reporters were able to prove, Critical Race Theory was being taught to children. At this point, legislators insisted that CRT should not be taught to children – it’s propaganda; teach them things instead. Well, that sounds good – except the schools just renamed CRT as Social and Emotional Learning – SEL – and carried on as before.

Some of the administrators who did this were fired as a result of those investigations we made.


But now that it’s obvious that DEI is a disaster, what are those so invested in it to do? Abandoning it would be to massacre a whole passel of well-paid careers. So?

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (J.E.D.I.) Toolkit

The JEDI Toolkit is a resource created by faculty members in the Health Sciences Department to provide guidance to health care providers and educators who would like to learn more about equity and inclusion.

That’s from the UNC School of Medicine. You know, the people we hope will be curing us of stuff in a decade or so – right now, they’re renaming a failed – and often banned – propaganda program so that it can still be taught and used.

Aren’t we the lucky ones?

As we’ve been saying for a long time, we have a significant problem in American academia. In this way, the entire education system is being run. Calling it DEI, or CRT, or SEL, or now JEDI, is just renaming that steaming pile of bul…..well, we’re a family outlet. But the one that isn’t a sweet-smelling rose.

It’s not the name we need to cleanse colleges of; it’s not some acronym that needs to be excised from high schools. It’s the very ideas themselves which is the tricky thing, but a battle worth fighting.


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