University of Minnesota shows just how easily Ivy Leagues could have stamped out antisemitism

April 24, 2024

By Tim Worstall

The University of Minnesota takes the lead in combatting campus antisemitism by giving antisemites a mandatory gap year:

Police just broke up and arrested all students at the University of Minnesota encampment for Gaza, charging them with trespassing and banning all students from campus for one year.

The person who reported on it thinks that’s all a bad idea. We think it’s a good start, because of something that has recently become publicly apparent about U.S. colleges and campuses: Antisemitism is rearing its ugly head, and many university presidents have done little to stop it.

As we’ve said about events at Columbia, this public antisemitism is an appalling violation of the American ideal – we’re all Americans; we left those tribal fights when we left those tribal places. Or, of course, we should have.

But more than this. We’ve just had years of people telling us about microaggressions, the idea that even a minor mistake in the use of currently politically correct pronouns, racial descriptions, or gender distinctions is a form of violence for which the transgressor must be punished through the loss of career, advancement or educational opportunity.

So, what about real aggression? Shouting, chanting, occupying, the insistence that Jews are to blame. This vileness of modern day antisemitism?

That’s a bigger aggression, right? So the punishment should be greater, right?

As we’ve also said, too few of us knew how this was happening. As with the woke and progressives in schools – lockdown led to us all realizing what schools were teaching and we then said no. The the extent that now the Hamas protests have shown even Google that they can deal with the antisemites.

We can now see what these people are really about. That means there’s the public support for dealing with them as they need to be. Should antisemites be banned from campus? Sure – and it’s happening.


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