Antisemitism is being encouraged on U.S. campuses — here’s how

November 28, 2023

By Tim Worstall

American academia itself is one of the reasons why we’ve all got such problems with antisemitism on campus, as we keep showing at HarvardColumbia and so on. As we’ve shown at CUNY. Why is there this vile set of beliefs about Jews and Israel?

Well, from a teach-in at CUNY. We assume a teach-in means things that even these wouldn’t feel comfortable saying in class.

One professor involved, Anaheed Al-Hardan, says that “World War II and Europe, and the destruction of European Jewry, was actually a moment of opportunity for the Zionist movement.” This is one of those things that we’d all rather people didn’t say. That literal holocaust of 6 million bodies is to be described as an opportunity?

There is then space given to Kaleem Hawa, described as an “activist” who says “So even in the cases of Black September from Jordan, and the PLO struggle from Lebanon, these are refugees displaced from their lands who have kept alive the concept, the political concept of return and attempted to enact it. The Right of Return in practice, manifests as a liberation struggle. Its resistance struggle includes both armed resistance and other resistance strategies.” That is, it’s just fine to cross the border and kill Jews. That’s the armed resistance of the liberation struggle, right?

Perhaps the greatest contempt should be reserved for the CUNY professor, Corinna Mullin. Who says, “Those narratives want us to focus on October 7 as the starting point for the current conjuncture in order to delegitimize and criminalize the just, and protected under international law, right of Palestinian armed resistance.” No, there’s nothing under international law that says it’s OK, justified or even allowed to murder civilians, babes and children. In fact, international law, the Geneva Conventions, says exactly the opposite. The deliberate targeting of civilians is a war crime.

So we can see some of why American students are so infested with ancient hatred: They’re being taught it at college.

Back to the activist, Kaleem: “What we are demanding is a total anti-normalization of Zionism in the communities that you live and work. Create a total anti-normalization of Zionism in our political, economic and cultural life is the demand of the moment.”

The demand is that all students become and act as antisemites. This is what is being taught at CUNY. Now, do you see how much work is necessary to clean this place up? 


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